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Vallée Blanche : ski the vallee blanche with a chamonix mountain guide

The "Vallée blanche" with a Chamonix mountain guide

The "Vallee Blanche" is undoubtedly the finest off-piste glaciar  in Chamonix

Vallée blanche

What is the Vallée Blanche ?  

The Vallee Blanche is an outstanding off piste run stretching over 20 km in the heart of Mont Blanc range, from the top of the Aiguille du Midi (3842m) to Chamonix Mont-Blanc (1050m) or to the Montenvers train depending on snow conditions. If you have no or little experience of backcountry skiing or not a good knowledge on glacier and high mountain terrain, the presence of a mountain guide will be necessary.

Several routes down the Vallée blanche are possible depending on the size and level of the group : the Classic Vallee Blanche, the Petit Envers, the Grand Envers … A choice of itinerary you will make with your guide.

How difficult is the Vallée Blanche?

Without being difficult, the Classic Vallee Blanche is a long off piste run, on a high mountain glacier terrain, which in terms of skiing requires good control of speed and trajectory. In terms of difficulty, it could be compared to a “Red” run in a ski resort, except on a non-packed snow, in a non-securized environment offering no possibility of turning back, and… during 15 km. Even with a mountain guide, the Vallée Blanche presents some objectives localized risks (falling seracs, crevasses,...) requiring group efficiency in skiing. You should be able to control your speed.

And on snowboard?  Vallée Blanche is more difficult to snowboard as some parts are flat or traversing close to crevasses. You should be a very good snowboarder, black run with off piste experience and good fitness. Telescopic poles are  useful.

Do not overestimate yourself !

Contact your mountain guide!

The descent of the Vallée Blanche is possible from mid-December to late April depending on snow conditions.

The Vallée Blanche is not recommended for young children, even very good skiers because of the cold and fatigue. It may be possible only with their parents, in very good weather conditions and if the children are motivated and in very good physical shape (medical opinion advised).


Duration  :      5 to 6 hours for the Classic Vallée Blanche (including the cable car up the Aiguille du Midi)
Technical level :   
 ** (see above)
Number of   people :   
Up to 6 people according to the snow/weather conditions and depending on the level of the participants (*) , 2 at the beginning of the season until the ridge is equipped with a fixed rope)

Dates :    
 upon request between end of December and April

Price 2023 :    
From 380€  (up to 2 ), 400€ (3-4px),420€ (5px) 440€ (6px) for the guide fees for a booking at least 7 days before for a week day.
The guide fees are indicated on the mail.
The 2023 ski pass (Mont Blanc Unlimited) for one day costs an additional 76€/person including the cable car up the Aiguille du Midi and the return by the Mer de Glace train. When skiable down to Chamonix (saving the Mer de Glace train), the cost is 53€ up the Aiguille du Midi only.

(More on the rates ...)

Booking :    
 contact us    fleury.gilles@gmail.com 
Whatsapp/SMS: +33608341571

Comments :   

All guides are UIAGM certified mountain guides.

 After booking, you have to call the guide 1 or 2 days before the descent to check the conditions and decide on the meeting time and location.
In case of bad weather, the day is canceled by the guide but only by the guide at no cost for the client. If Aiguille du Midi is closed,  an alternative   route  can be decided by the guide.

If you cancel or decide not to go for any reason less than two weeks before the descent, you shoud pay 100€ and less than 48h 100% of the guide fees.

 Material : Off piste Skiing equipment and warm cloths for high altitude. Your guide will lend you the safety equipment (harness and  avalanche tranceiver)
You should carry your own backpack with drinks and snacks and/or a picnic. It may be possible, depending on the conditions to have lunch at the Requin hut or at the Montenvers.

You could have to rent crampons depending on the ridge conditions ( to see with the guide)

vallee blanche avec un guide de chamonix

Conditions of Vallée Blanche: video  11/02/2014 with Gilles FLEURY Chamonix guide
If you don't want to be a Yeti, look at that!   
  and some good advise from "Chamoniarde de Secours": "Vallée Blanche"

Vallée Blanche à Chamonix avec Visorando

vallee blanche et alpinisme avec un guide de chamonix vallee blanche et alpinisme avec un guide de chamonix vallee blanche et alpinisme avec un guide de chamonix vallee blanche et alpinisme avec un guide de chamonix vallee blanche et alpinisme avec un guide de chamonix 

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